Welcome to On-Top Vocals! Your source for vocal variety to lay over your video, spruce up your advertisements or corporate presentations, read your book, personalize your ring-tones, and much more!  Check out samples of the vocal talents of Christine Eckstein.


Christine Eckstein is an up and coming Chicago-area voice talent. She has over 20 years experience in the theatrical performance arts including regional television commericals.

Christine has spent the last thirteen years in the corporate world as a management consultant and Enterprise Architect interacting with business clients and presenting at corporate events and industry conferences. However, it is time to put those speaking skills to more creative use. She wants to speak for you!

Christine has a versatile range of voices from sultry sexy, to whimsy cartoonish characters; from the very young to the very old; from silly to business.  Her experience interacting with a variety of people, learning target audiences and selling points to clients will be valuable assets to her work for you.

Christine has been honing her artistic craft of voice acting for two years now taking several classes and workshops with the Audition Studio including a course on character voices, studying improv with Second City Chicago, and working with known vocal talents Norm Woodel, Jeff Lupetin and Sherri Berger. She continues to work on improving her talent on her own and with other artists in the Chicago area.